There is no separation between the body and the mind. When we have the opportunity to connect the two, we move into a place of balance. Working through our breath, connecting to our bodies, and allowing our thoughts to move, with expression and validation of our emotions, gives us the chance to let go and move forward, with graceā€¦.. Therapy can be a vulnerable experience, and vital that people feel supported by trust and guidance before embarking on this journey. When I work with clients, the first step focuses on creating a connection with them and establishing a space to listen with compassion while looking inward into areas of their lives that may be the cause of pain and suffering. I believe this is a journey where I can help others and walk alongside them to offer empathy and nurturing support that will allow a space of healing to occur.

Blair Vaughn MS, MFTC, RYT, Y12SR
Psychotherapy & Yoga