About Me

I am a forty-something woman who has a passion for internal growth, peace, and happiness. I believe our relationships with others begins with our own relationship to self. How we take care of ourselves reflects our happiness and truth. One needs to gain internal peace in order to have external peace.
My desire to help others led me to earn a master’s degree in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy and open a practice that creates a safe, sacred space for one to open up and be heard with empathy, kindness, and compassion. I have walked my own path of healing from a history of co-parenting, pregnancy loss, substance abuse, and divorce. I believe in the process of therapy and trust the therapeutic process. It can be a supportive outlet to break free of pain and suffering. What will set you free is yourself and your own awakening.    
The past decade of my life has been spent studying and practicing yoga, meditation, reiki, mindfulness and spirituality. The blend of these elements allows me to work with the mind and body connection. Using energy, breath, and intention allows for a deeper connection to the truth within ourselves.

I spent a few years working with a nonprofit called “Off the Mat into the World.”. I discovered the selfless service of raising money and awareness for women and children in need through the act of bridging yoga and activism. This experience taught me to never stop doing the work on myself, and to better understand my triggers, so that I could be of service and acknowledge when “my stuff” was surfacing. I would not expect someone else to open up if I were not willing to open up myself.

I believe that parenting can be one of toughest and most rewarding jobs on the planet. Most of us only know that style of parenting that our parents raised us with, however, there are many different theories for parenting. I have been educating myself with “Love & Logic,”. a Colorado-based parenting method that builds upon empathy and natural consequences. I am a believer in this method and practice the teachings with my own children.

I have experience with the youth population and find it extremely rewarding working with children and teens. The time I spent at Excelsior Youth Center gave me an invaluable opportunity to better understand the challenges our children and teens deal with on a daily basis such as bullying, self-esteem, body image, trauma, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other similar topics. I am a certified Radiant Child Yoga Teacher, which gives me the opportunity to connect with kids and teens on both a physical and emotional level.

I worked at The Eating Recovery Center as a therapist-counselor and a yoga teacher. Working with this population created an experience for me to be of service with mind, body, spirit teachings.

I am a certified Freedom Coach. Freedom coaches help people transform, heal old wounds and thrive. Using emotional integrative modalities created by Cynthia James.

I  am a certified Y12SR leader. I participate in a rotation of groups that are open to the public for any addiction support. Y12SR groups offer a safe place for anyone to practice yoga and a place to talk about addictions and intentions.

I am a lover of nature. I often work with clients outside. Using nature as a playground for healing. When I am not in my office, I will be working with clients outside with a slack-line, walking in the park, long boarding alongside clients, or any venue that can help co-create a deeper rapport.

I am also the co-owner of Yolo Yoga Retreats & the Goddess Gatherings. We organize retreats and other local gatherings that help empower people who are looking for their passions, connecting to community, and living a life with full devine expression.

Blair cares. She's not half way. She's full heart and abundant spirit in all her interactions. She shares and teaches so naturally. All love. Desi Springer ~ Founder of the Bow Spring

Blair Vaughn is on fire for yoga and the gifts it brings. I have witnessed her commitment to her personal practice as the teaching of others continue to expand over the years. She is amazing! Cynthia James ~ Best Selling Author "I Choose Me"


Blair Vaughn MS, MFTC, RYT, Y12SR
Psychotherapy & Yoga